Teachers Hiring’s

We are a business partner to our clients than merely a consulting firm. We ask the right questions to understand your requirements and challenges from the beginning. Working with your HR team, we design and implement solutions that integrate your vital financial and management functions. We provide the ability to make critical decisions that matter. We provide full fledge support in teachers hiring’s.

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Teachers Assessment

Teacher’s assessment is an area which is need of almost all the educational institutions. Post assessment they will be able to identify the development areas of teachers and can work on these areas for better future. We have developed assessment model for school teachers during these many years. We can also use the existing competencies matrix to assess the gaps.

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Performance Outsourcing

We undertake the entire Performance Management of the company & manages all aspects of the performance management process and reports back to internal management.
We specialized in creating an efficient process of collecting key performance indicator data and formulating a plan for improvement.

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HR Audit

The Teaching Circle examine the strategies, policies, procedures, documentation, structure, systems and practices, compliances with respect to the organization’s human resource management. It systematically and scientifically assesses the strengths, limitations, and developmental needs of the existing human resources from the larger point of view of enhancing organisational performance.

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Welcome to The Teaching circle.

Better teachers will make better Nation

Objectives and Values of The Teaching Circle.


  • To create pool of high quality Teachers for education sector in the Indian education market
  • Create standard assessment benchmarks for Teachers

Our Values:

  • Trustworthy: we combine expertise in education, policy, school improvement, business, HR and operational management. You can trust us for delivery
  • Genuine: we embrace change, seek new ways to improve and adopt cutting-edge, best practice.
  • Open: In our drive to find effective sustainable solutions, we never close our minds to new ways of thinking and doing. We offer flexible support to client to achieve results/improvements they need.
  • Relationship: We believe in the power of relations and collaboration to bring about change.
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